#Promo Jajan Lebaran


Promo Honda Motor Kediri

#promo jajan lebaran
Rp 43.000
Gogorante Kota Kediri

-Nissin walens soes choco n blueberry 85rb/kg 43rb/500gr 22rb/250gr
-Roka 45rb/pack 520rb/karton
-Inaco 24rb/kg 215rb/karton
-Oat choco 28rb/pack 624/karton
-Chacha 70rb/kg
-ostick 25rb/pack 145rb/karton
-pastel kering 80rb/kg
-cheese stick 55rb/kg

Dan all variant delfi n Silverqueen kiloan dgn hrga murrah…
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Welcome reseller

#Promo Jajan Lebaran

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